Resources for the Community

Resources and support for families and children all live here.

How We Help

Child abuse and neglect is an ongoing concern of our community. We need to come together to help, treat and prevent.

A Child Friendly Location to Heal

The CAC helps families and children by bringing vital resources under one roof.

Creating A Community With Safe, Healthy Children & Families

Founded in January 2000, the Clark County Child Advocacy Center (CAC)is a community partnership of caring professionals working together, in one location,to help children and their families cope with child abuse.



The CAC centralizes all the experts. Children now need to come  to only one place to talk to those investigating their abuse.



We appreciate the continued support from our donors. Learn more here if you are interested in making a donation.


Where Children & Families Can Find Help and Hope

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a child-friendly facility that provides a safe place for children to speak and be heard. We work with child victims of all ages who may have been:

  • Sexually Abused
  • Severely Physically Abused
  • Witnessed and / or Victim of Violent Felony Crime
  • Trafficked / Victim of Sexual Exploitation
Professionals  from many disciplines (law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy) work together to conduct interviews and make decisions about investigation, treatment, management and prosecution of child abuse cases.